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Animas RiverSilverton10/07 11:00690.2843.5 
Animas Riverblw Silverton10/07 11:00167245 
Animas RiverTall Timber Resort Above Tacoma10/07 10:003733.5  
Animas RiverDurango10/07 10:304752.7951.3 
Animas Rivernr Cedar Hill10/07 10:006605.1554 
Apishapa Rivernr Fowler10/07 10:1570.98  
EF Arkansas RiverUs Hiway 24, Nr Leadville10/07 10:15222.78  
Arkansas Rivernr Leadville10/07 10:15344.69  
Arkansas Riverblw Granite10/07 11:0023211.32  
Arkansas Rivernr Nathrop10/07 10:453273.9  
Arkansas RiverParkdale10/07 10:454562.72  
Arkansas RiverMoffat Street At Pueblo10/07 10:452208.51  
Arkansas Rivernr Avondale10/07 11:003742.6659 
Arkansas RiverLas Animas10/07 10:45166.8553.6 
Arkansas Riverblw John Martin Reservoir10/07 11:0050.8860.8 
Arkansas RiverLamar10/07 11:00205.22  
Arkansas Rivernr Granada10/07 10:15174.89  
Arkansas River Tribabv Hwy 227 At Pueblo10/07 10:30282.45  
Bear Creekabv Evergreen10/07 11:00234.42  
Bear Creekabv Bear Creek Lake Near Morrison10/07 10:45103.78  
Bear Creeknr Colorado Springs10/07 10:4507.59  
Beaver Creekabv Highway 115 Near Penrose10/07 10:1500.21  
Beaver CreekAvon10/07 10:1551.97  
Bemrose-hoosier Divnr Hoosier Pass09/28 08:3000.02  
Big Dry Creekblw C-470 At Highlands Ranch10/07 11:0511.69  
Big Dry CreekWestminster10/07 10:3021.46  
Big Dry CreekMouth Near Fort Lupton10/07 10:30243.77  
Big Sandy Creeknr Lamar10/07 10:45383.99  
Big Thompson RiverLoveland10/05 06:30150.82  
Blue RiverBlue River10/07 10:45240.89  
Blue Rivernr Dillon10/07 10:00554.5146.9 
Blue Riverblw Dillon10/07 10:15550.8541.9 
Blue Riverblw Green Mountain Reservoir10/07 11:002033.53  
Booth Creeknr Minturn10/07 10:1523.1244.2 
Boulder CreekNorth 75th St Nr Boulder10/07 10:15364.68  
NF Cache La Poudre RiverLivermore10/07 11:0036.86  
Cache La Poudre RiverFort Collins10/07 10:5550.43  
Cache La Poudre Riverabv Boxelder C, Nr Timnath10/07 11:0030.81  
Camp CreekGarden Of The Gods10/07 10:45 2.28  
Cement CreekSilverton10/07 11:00160.9245.7 
Cherry Creeknr Franktown10/07 11:0012.37  
Cherry CreekDenver10/07 10:55173.37  
Cherry Creeknr Parker10/07 10:15106.14  
Cheyenne CreekEvans Ave At Colorado Springs10/07 10:4511.37  
Cimarron Rivernr Cimarron10/07 10:15361.39  
Clear Creekabv WF Clear Creek Nr Empire Co10/07 11:00423.87  
WF Clear Creekabv Mouth Nr Empire10/07 10:00244.34  
Clear Creeknr Lawson10/07 10:45632.9  
Clear CreekGolden10/07 10:451014.03  
Cochetopa Creekblw Rock Creek Nr Parlin10/07 10:15322.11  
Colo Riverblw Grd Valley Div Nr Palisade10/07 10:159893.91  
Colorado RiverWindy Gap, Near Granby10/07 10:45833.5649.5 
Colorado Rivernr Kremmling10/07 10:157394.9152.2 
Colorado Rivernr Dotsero10/07 11:0012202.5753.6 
Colorado Riverblw Glenwood Springs10/07 10:1519804.25  
Colorado Rivernr Cameo10/07 11:0021304.257 
Colorado Rivernr Colorado-utah State Line10/07 10:4538903.9259.7 
Corral Gulchnr Rangely10/07 10:4501.12  
Cottonwood CreekWoodmen Rd Nr Colo Springs10/07 10:5510.48  
Cottonwood CreekMouth, At Pikeview10/07 10:4542.67  
Cross Creeknr Minturn10/07 10:15202.91  
Crystal Riverabv Avalanche C, Near Redstone10/07 11:001111.01  
Dallas Creeknr Ridgway10/07 11:00302.82  
Dolores Riverblw Rico10/07 10:45801.97  
Dolores RiverDolores10/07 10:452092.75  
Dolores RiverBedrock10/07 10:15341.1156.8 
Dolores Rivernr Bedrock10/07 10:45432.4158.1 
EF Eagle Rivernr Climax10/07 10:3020.33  
Eagle RiverRed Cliff10/07 10:45122.6446.8 
Eagle Rivernr Minturn10/07 10:15473.0243.5 
Eagle Riverblw Wastewater Treatment Plant At Avon10/07 10:301163  
Eagle Riverblw Gypsum10/07 10:152214.36  
Eagle Riverblw Milk Creek Near Wolcott10/07 10:151583.5648.7 
East Riverblw Cement Creek Nr Crested Butte10/07 10:151121.1  
East RiverAlmont Co10/07 10:151192.8748.9 
East Plum Creekblw Haskins Gulch Nr Castle Rock10/07 10:4523.39  
Elk Rivernr Milner10/07 10:30771.71  
Elkhead Creekabv Long Gulch, Near Hayden10/07 10:1532.53  
First Cr Bel Buckley RdRocky Mtn Arsenal10/07 10:1521.75  
Fish CreekUpper Sta Nr Steamboat Springs10/07 10:4550.32  
Fountain Creeknr Colorado Springs10/07 10:1073.19  
Fountain CreekColorado Springs10/07 10:45365  
Fountain Creekblw Janitell Rd Bl Colo Springs10/07 10:45745.7  
Fountain CreekSecurity10/07 10:50593.59  
Fountain Creeknr Fountain10/07 10:00667.2756.5 
Fountain Creeknr Pinon10/07 10:15664.58  
Fountain CreekPueblo10/07 10:15492.7254.9 
Fourmile Creekblw Cripple Creek Near Victor10/07 09:4583.19  
Fraser RiverUpper Sta, Near Winter Park10/07 10:1550.6636.3 
Fraser RiverWinter Park10/07 10:0060.6939.6 
Fraser Riverblw Crooked Cr At Tabernash Co10/07 10:15362.8748.2 
Fryingpan Rivernr Ruedi10/07 10:151611.74  
Gore CreekUpper Station, Near Minturn10/07 10:3082.2540.5 
Gore Creekabv Red Sandstone Creek At Vail10/07 10:45254.8446.2 
Gore CreekMouth, Near Minturn10/07 10:15305.4544.6 
Gunnison Rivernr Gunnison10/07 10:152531.0948.9 
Gunnison Riverblw Gunnison Tunnel10/07 11:003371.9  
NF Gunnison Rivernr Somerset10/07 10:15981.57  
NF Gunnison Riverblw Paonia10/07 10:30590.84  
Gunnison RiverDelta10/07 10:156341.7157 
Gunnison Rivernr Grand Junction10/07 10:3015303.2758.6 
Halfmoon Creeknr Malta10/07 10:30131.541.4 
Homestake CreekGold Park10/07 10:45114.04  
Hubbard CreekHighway 133 At Mouth Nr Bowie10/07 10:45 0.26  
Huerfano Rivernr Boone10/07 10:45 4.16  
Jimmy Camp CreekFountain10/07 10:4503.73  
Joe Wright Creekblw Joe Wright Reservoir10/07 10:3040.97  
Keystone Gulchnr Dillon10/07 10:1521.97  
Lake Creeknr Edwards10/07 10:45310.75  
Lake ForkGateview10/07 11:001091.6149.3 
Leavenworth CreekMouth Near Georgetown10/07 10:0083.66  
Little Snake Rivernr Slater10/07 10:45233.17  
Little Snake Rivernr Lily10/07 10:151191.25  
Los Pinos Rivernr Ignacio10/07 10:4521.26  
Los Pinos RiverLa Boca10/07 10:30503.35  
Lost Canyon Creeknr Dolores10/07 10:15 1.43  
Mancos Rivernr Towaoc10/07 10:45102.18  
Mccullough-sp-crys-diversionnr Hoosier Pass10/07 11:0000  
Mcelmo Creekabv Trail Canyon Near Cortez10/07 10:30682.7954.9 
Mcelmo Creeknr Colorado-utah State Line10/07 10:30463.08  
Merriams Rock Creek DitchFt Carson10/07 10:45 0.02  
Michigan Rivernr Cameron Pass10/07 10:0002.13  
Mineral CreekSilverton10/07 10:30671.0443.3 
Monte Cristo Divnr Hoosier Pass10/07 11:0000.02  
Monument Creekabv N.GATE Blvd At Usaf Academy10/07 10:4530.82  
Monument Creekabv Woodmen Rd At Colorado Springs10/07 10:50104.11  
Monument CreekPikeview10/07 10:35143.93  
Monument CreekBijou ST., At Colo Springs10/07 10:45323.65  
Mud CreekState Highway 32, Near Cortez10/07 10:45151.9353.8 
Muddy Creekabv Antelope Creek Nr Kremmling10/07 10:30172.4447.1 
Muddy Creekblw Wolford Mtn Reser Nr Kremmling10/07 10:30214.1152.7 
N Frk Cache La Poudre Riverblw Halligan Res Nr V Dal10/07 10:4501.32  
North Platte Rivernr Northgate10/07 10:451042.4  
Ohio Creekabv Mouth Nr Gunnison10/07 10:00142.31  
Piceance Creekblw Ryan Gulch, Nr Rio Blanco10/07 10:4503.59  
Piceance CreekWhite River10/07 10:3031.56  
Piedra Rivernr Arboles10/07 10:152371.57  
Piney Rivernr State Bridge10/07 10:15182.74  
Plateau Creeknr Cameo10/07 10:00732.4  
Plum Creeknr Sedalia10/07 11:0043.2  
Plum CreekTitan Rd Nr Louviers10/07 10:4507.49  
Purgatoire RiverMadrid10/07 10:45482.85  
Purgatoire Riverblw Trinidad Lake10/07 10:30434.91  
Purgatoire Rivernr Thatcher10/07 10:3592.3258.3 
Purgatoire RiverRock Crossing Nr Timpas10/07 10:35136.3458.5 
Purgatoire Rivernr Las Animas10/07 10:1512.46  
Ranch Creeknr Fraser10/07 10:3044.5542.6 
Ripley Ditch From L Fountain CreekFt Carson10/07 10:4502.28  
Roaring Fork Riverabv Difficult C Nr Aspen10/07 10:30120.9845 
Roaring Fork Rivernr Aspen10/07 10:30210.67  
Roaring Fork Rivernr Emma10/07 10:303685.2248.2 
Roaring Fork RiverGlenwood Springs10/07 10:456902.0451.8 
San Juan RiverPagosa Springs10/07 10:002274.38  
San Juan Rivernr Carracas10/07 10:153032.79  
San Juan RiverFour Corners10/07 10:0019906.859.4 
San Miguel Rivernr Placerville10/07 11:051574.37  
San Miguel RiverBrooks Bridge Near Nucla Co10/07 10:301042.08  
San Miguel RiverUravan10/07 10:151463.03  
Sand Creekabv Mouth At Colorado Springs10/07 10:3002.21  
Sand CreekMouth Nr Commerce City10/07 10:50139.22  
Slate Riverabv Baxter Gl @hwy 135 Nr Crested Butte Co10/07 10:00323.0847.8 
Slater Forknr Slater10/07 10:4583.83  
Snake Rivernr Montezuma10/03 05:15371.38  
So Platte Riverblw Brush Cr Nr Trumbull Co10/07 10:453183.89  
South Platte Riverabv Cheesman Lake10/07 09:451525.23  
South Platte Riverblw Union Ave, At Englewood10/07 10:451910.81  
South Platte RiverEnglewood10/07 11:00541.4156.5 
South Platte River64th Ave Commerce City10/07 10:4561.354.9 
South Platte RiverFort Lupton10/07 11:002523.3  
South Platte RiverFort Morgan10/07 10:304209.41  
St Charles RiverVineland10/07 10:4542.23  
St Louis Creeknr Fraser10/07 10:3061.2637.4 
Straight Creekblw Laskey Gulch Nr Dillon10/07 10:0044.11  
Surface Creeknr Cedaredge10/07 10:30232.56  
Surface CreekCedaredge10/07 10:30160.99  
Taylor RiverTaylor Park10/07 10:00531.3644.2 
Taylor Riverblw Taylor Park Reservoir10/07 10:001013.55  
Taylor RiverAlmont10/07 10:001501.6447.5 
Teller Reservoir Spillwaynr Stone City10/07 10:30 3.07  
Tenmile Creekblw North Tenmile C, At Frisco10/07 10:00411.95  
Timpas CreekMouth Near Swink10/07 10:45303.66  
Tomichi CreekSargents10/07 10:00270.89  
Tomichi CreekGunnison10/07 10:30941.4352.5 
Turkey Creekabv Teller Res Near Stone City10/07 10:30 2.92  
Turkey C East Seepblw Teller Res Nr Stone City10/07 10:00 5.38  
Turkey Cr West Seepblw Teller Res Nr Stone City10/07 10:00 9.64  
Uncompahgre Rivernr Ouray10/07 10:00730.95  
Uncompahgre Rivernr Ridgway10/07 11:00952.14  
Uncompahgre Riverblw Ridgway Reservoir10/07 11:00691.92  
Uncompahgre RiverColona10/07 10:15713.5453.6 
Uncompahgre RiverDelta10/07 10:156104.3655.9 
Vallecito Creeknr Bayfield10/07 10:451541.6743 
Van Bremer Arroyonr Model10/07 11:0012.93  
West Monument Creekblw Rampart Reservoir10/07 10:3034.5  
West Monument CreekAir Force Academy10/07 10:4521.25  
White Riverabv Coal Creek, Near Meeker10/07 10:152451.847.8 
White Rivernr Meeker10/07 10:002842.5  
White Riverblw Meeker10/07 10:303434.64  
White Riverblw Boise Creek, Near Rangely10/07 10:453262.86  
Wild Horse Creekabv Holly10/07 10:1501.64  
Williams Forkabv Darling Creek, Nr Leal10/07 10:3084.67  
Williams Forknr Leal10/07 10:55421.78  
Williams Forknr Parshall10/07 10:30291.8648.2 
Williams Forkblw Williams Fork Reservoir10/07 10:453932.8  
Womack Ditch From L Fountain Creeknr Ft Carson10/07 10:4500.04  
Yampa Riverabv Stagecoach Reservoir10/07 10:45212.1849.5 
Yampa Riverblw Stagecoach Reservoir10/07 10:00402.59  
YampaBelow Steamboat10/07 10:15821.1152.7Yampa
YampaBelow Craig10/07 10:151861.05 Yampa
YampaMaybell10/07 10:152021.8256.5Yampa
YampaDeer Lodge Park10/07 10:154212.5355.2Yampa
Yellow Creeknr White River10/07 10:1504.81  

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CFS stands for cubic feet per second. This is an estimate of the volume of water flowing past the gauge. 100 CFS is equivalent to 45,000 gallons per minute. A lot of water!

Feet is the height of the water above a reference point at the gauge. There is no uniform standard for the reference point between gauges. A gauge's height should only be thought of in terms of that gauge, no others.

F is the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit.

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