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6th Wtr CreekSyar Tl, Spring07/11 05:15224.2 
Bear Rivernr Utah-wyoming State Line07/11 04:301944.83 
Bear RivId-Ut State line07/11 04:4566010.05 
Bear RivRes07/11 04:45220.7 
Bear RiverCorinne07/11 04:301442.6 
Bear RiverBorder, WY07/11 04:303932.72 
Beaver Dam WashEnterprise07/11 05:0004.02 
Beaver RiverBeaver07/11 05:00311.34 
Big Creeknr Randolph07/11 04:45174.87 
Big Brush Creekabv Red Fleet Res, Nr Vernal07/11 05:00370.52 
Blacks Forknr Robertson07/11 05:001092.52 
Blacksmith Forkabv Up And L CO.S Dam Nr Hyrum07/11 04:45893.83 
Chalk CreekCoalville07/11 04:3042.98 
Clear CreekDiversions07/11 05:0093.75 
Coal Creeknr Cedar City07/11 04:1574.62 
Colorado RiverCisco07/11 05:0040202.2771.4
Colorado River(est)Cataract07/11 04:456260  
Currant Creeknr Fruitland07/11 04:45331.51 
Currant Creeknr Mona07/11 04:3034.02 
Daniels CreekCharleston07/11 04:3003.81 
Diamond Forkabv Red Hollow Nr Thistle07/11 05:15594.96 
Dirty Devil Riverabv Poison Sp Wsh Nr Hanksville Ut07/11 04:3086.07 
Dolores RiverCisco07/11 04:45606.9271.1
Duchesne Rivernr Tabiona07/11 04:30861.1 
Duchesne RiverMyton07/11 04:30332.55 
Duchesne RiverUinta R07/11 04:45262.48 
Duchesne RiverRandlett07/11 05:00695.0970.7
Dunn Creeknr Park Valley07/11 04:1562.37 
E Canyon Creekblw I-80 Rest Stop Nr Park City07/11 04:3075.3254.9
East Canyon Creeknr Jeremy Ranch07/11 05:15134.6959.2
East Canyon CreekMorgan07/11 04:451170.89 
EF Sevier RivKingston07/11 04:30763.96 
Escalante RivEscalante07/11 04:1501.08 
Faust Creeknr Vernon07/11 04:4515.66 
Ferron CreekSheley07/11 04:15466.0254.5
Fish Creekabv Reservoir, Near Scofield07/11 05:15191.06 
Fort Pearce Washnr St George07/11 05:1503.29 
Fremont Rivernr Bicknell07/11 04:45473.78 
Goggin Drainnr Magna Utah07/11 05:00358.59 
Green RivGreen Riv07/11 04:4522406.1 
Green RiverJensen07/11 04:3022402.8769.4
Green RiverGreendale07/11 04:3010608.4855.8
Gsl Farmington Bay OutflowCauseway Bridge07/11 04:151914.82 
Jordan RiverSalt Lake City07/11 04:151752.71 
Kanab CreekKanab07/11 05:00312.01 
Leeds Creeknr Leeds07/11 05:0072.77 
Little Bear RiverParadise07/11 04:45255.27 
Little Cottonwood CreekJordan River Nr Slc07/11 04:4570.34 
Logan Riverabv State Dam, Near Logan07/11 05:001912.82 
Lost CreekCroyden07/11 04:45451.64 
Mammoth Creekabv West Hatch Ditch, Near Hatch07/11 04:45281.31 
Manti Creekblw Dugway Creek, Nr Manti07/11 05:00223.32 
Mcleod Creeknr Park City07/11 04:3076.23 
Mill Creekblw Sheley Tunnel, Near Moab07/11 05:1531.455.4
Mill CreekSheley07/11 05:0042.85 
Mud Creekblw Winter Quarters Cyn @ Scofield07/11 05:00172.32 
Muddy CreekEmery07/11 04:30353.62 
SF Ogden Rivernr Huntsville07/11 04:15801.78 
Ogden RiverPineview Res07/11 04:301052.79 
Paria Rivernr Kanab07/11 05:0017.27 
Pine Creeknr Escalante07/11 04:4551.68 
Price RiverWoodside07/11 04:3035.3467.6
Provo Rivernr Hailstone07/11 04:45496.03 
Provo RiverRiv Road Bridge Nr Heber City07/11 04:303331.2 
Provo Rivernr Charleston07/11 04:303864.34 
Provo RiverProvo07/11 04:45554.03 
ProvoSheley07/11 04:45772.66 
Red Butte CreekFt Douglas07/11 04:4510.3352.9
Rock CreekMountain Home07/11 05:00802.17 
Salina Creeknr Emery07/11 04:45102.47 
Salt Creekblw Nephi Powerplant Div Nr Nephi07/11 04:45117.02 
Salt CreekNephi07/11 04:30121.62 
San Juan RiverBluff07/11 04:305435.3574.3
San Rafael RivGreen Riv07/11 04:3034.9361.3
Santa Clara Rivernr Pine Valley07/11 04:4561.41 
Santa Clara RivWinsor Dam07/11 05:15113.88 
Santa Clara RvSt George07/11 05:0045.84 
Sevier RivSan Pitch Riv07/11 04:30304.54 
Sevier RiverHatch07/11 04:15700.96 
Sevier RiverKingston07/11 04:4563.21 
Sevier RiverJuab07/11 05:004135.58 
Sevier RiverLynndyl07/11 05:003884.94 
Silver Creeknr Silver Creek Junction07/11 04:3064.2561.7
Snake CreekCharleston07/11 05:15282.52 
South Willow Creeknr Grantsville07/11 04:1541.47 
Spanish ForkCastilla07/11 05:154634.71 
Strawberry RiverPinnacles Near Fruitland07/11 04:15501.99 
Strawberry Rivernr Duchesne07/11 05:00935.67 
Surplus CanalSLC07/11 04:301869.75 
Trout Creeknr Callao07/11 05:0012.8 
Uinta RiverRandlett07/11 04:45344.02 
Uinta RiverPowerplant07/11 04:301375.76 
Vernon Creeknr Vernon07/11 04:3010.9 
EF Virgin Rivernr Glendale07/11 05:00710.14 
EF Virgin Rivernr Springdale07/11 05:15355.11 
NF Virgin Rivernr Springdale07/11 05:15367.21 
Virgin Riverabv Laverkin Creek Nr Laverkin07/11 05:004910.51 
Virgin Riverabv Quail Creek Near Hurricane07/11 05:15716.84 
Virgin RiverHurricane07/11 05:15637.3 
Virgin RiverBloomington07/11 04:45426.62 
Virgin RiverSt George07/11 04:30467.74 
Virgin RiverVirgin07/11 05:15677.5470.5
Weber Rivernr Coalville07/11 04:302102.3 
Weber Rivernr Plain City07/11 04:456110.78 
Weber RiverWanship07/11 04:152152.28 
Weber RiverEcho07/11 05:154842.95 
Weber RiverGateway07/11 04:3042412.33 
Weber RiverOakley07/11 05:151125.56 
West Canyon Creeknr Cedar Fort07/11 04:4512.4 
White Riverblw Tabbyune Crk Nr Soldier Summit07/11 04:1541.9 
White RivWatson07/11 04:453161.94 
Whiterocks RivWhiterocks07/11 04:302112.7 
Yellowstone RiverBridge Cmpgrnd Nr Altonah07/11 04:15615.31 
Yellowstone RiverAltona07/11 05:001361.13 

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↑↓Changing between 0.5% and 1.5% per hour
↑↓Changing between 1.5% and 2.5% per hour
↑↓Changing between 2.5% and 3.5% per hour
↑↓Changing between 3.5% and 4.5% per hour
↑↓Changing between 4.5% and 5.5% per hour
↑↓Changing between 5.5% and 6.5% per hour
↑↓Changing between 6.5% and 7.5% per hour
↑↓Changing between 7.5% and 8.5% per hour
↑↓Changing between 8.5% and 9.5% per hour
↑↓Changing between 9.5% and 10.5% per hour
↑↓Changing more than 10.5% per hour

CFS stands for cubic feet per second. This is an estimate of the volume of water flowing past the gauge. 100 CFS is equivalent to 45,000 gallons per minute. A lot of water!

Feet is the height of the water above a reference point at the gauge. There is no uniform standard for the reference point between gauges. A gauge's height should only be thought of in terms of that gauge, no others.

F is the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit.

Willamette Kayak and Canoe Club Home, for other states, or for additional information please visit my kayaking page.