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 Bear RiverPescadero11/26 14:45682.06   
 Big Lost RiverArco11/25 15:1502.01   
 Big Lost Riverblw Mackay Res Nr Mackay Id11/26 14:45691.52   
 Big Lost RiverHowell Ranch11/26 15:00751.84   
 BlackfootBypass11/26 14:3084.48   
 Blackfoot Riverabv Reservoir Nr Henry Id11/03 05:45481.83   
 Blackfoot Rivernr Shelley Id11/26 14:30685.59   
LowBlackfootBlackfoot11/26 14:30892.55 SnakeIV
 SF BoiseFeatherville11/26 14:302191.53   
LowSF BoiseAnderson Dam11/26 15:153033.0247.8BoiseIII
 MF BoiseTwin Springs11/26 14:303725.5 BoiseII
 Boise RiverGlenwood Bridge11/26 15:152743.72   
 Boise RiverParma11/26 14:308848.5245.9  
 Boise River South ChannelEagle Id11/26 14:302262.8   
LowBruneauHot Springs11/26 15:00814.7 SnakeIII-IV
 Camas Creeknr Blaine Id11/26 14:4582.24   
 Canyon CreekWallace11/26 14:452020.24   
 Cj Strike Resnr Grand View Id11/26 14:15 54.78   
LowNF ClearwaterCanyon Ranger Station11/25 01:4516006.5734.9ClearwaterIII
 Clearwater RiverOrofino11/26 14:1535803.8936.5  
 Clearwater RiverPeck11/26 14:3052004.8439.6  
 Clearwater RiverSpalding11/26 14:0057604.1241.4  
LowSF ClearwaterStites11/26 14:152863.17 ClearwaterIII-IV
 SF Clearwater Rivernr Elk City Id11/26 14:302395.91   
 NF Coeur d Alene RiverEnaville11/26 14:4562157.97   
 NF Coeur d Alene RiverPrichard11/26 14:151681.36   
 SF Coeur d Alene RiverPinehurst11/26 14:452356.52   
 Coeur d Alene RiverCataldo11/26 14:3081233.44   
 Coeur d Alene RiverHarrison11/26 14:30113020.94   
 Crane CreekMouth Nr Weiser Id11/26 15:0051.54   
LowDeadwood Riverbelow reservoir11/26 15:15512.1140.9PayetteIII-IV
 Dry BedRirie11/26 14:452466.38   
LowFalls RiverSquirrel11/26 14:452300.74 SnakeIII
 Falls RiverChester11/26 14:155602.41   
 Falls RiverYellowstone Canal11/26 14:454935.51   
 Falls RiverAshton11/26 14:454974.18   
 Goose CreekOakley11/26 14:30212.07   
 Grays Lake Outletnr Herman Id10/19 08:0001.86   
 Henrys ForkLake11/26 14:4524.25   
 Henrys ForkIsland Park11/26 14:451482.55   
 Henrys ForkRexburg11/26 14:1517104.38   
OkayHenrys ForkAshton11/26 14:1510502.95 SnakeIII
 Henrys ForkSt. Anthony11/26 14:4514603.66   
 Henrys Lakenr Lake Id11/26 14:30 15.06   
LowJohnson CreekYellowpine11/26 14:00782.06 SalmonV
 Kootenai RiverLeonia Id11/26 14:152070016.945.9  
 Kootenai RiverBonners Ferry Id11/26 14:15 52.4945.3  
 Kootenai RiverTribal Hatchery Nr Bonners Ferry11/26 14:002280055.76   
 Kootenai RiverPorthill Id11/26 14:452290046.98   
 Lapwai CreekLapwai11/26 14:30282.69   
 Lemhi Riverblw L5 Diversion Near Salmon11/26 14:302411.99   
 Lemhi RiverLemhi11/26 15:002293.9   
OkayLochsaLowell11/26 15:0011902.85 ClearwaterIII-IV
 Marsh Creeknr Mccammon Id11/26 14:45512.75   
 Mores CreekArrowrock11/26 14:30842.25 BoiseII-III
 Moyie RiverEastport Id11/26 14:451223.62   
 Ninemile CreekWallace11/26 14:30612.54   
 Palouse RiverPotlach11/26 14:45405.5   
 NF PayetteMcCall11/26 14:30341.94   
LowNF PayetteCascade11/26 15:151978.5336.5PayetteV
 MF Payette Rivernr Crouch Id11/26 14:151325.65   
OkaySF Payette(est)Deadwood11/25 08:30469  PayetteIII
OkaySF PayetteLowman11/26 14:304183.32 PayetteIII
 Payette LakeMccall Id11/26 14:15 1.17   
LowPayette, Cabarton RunCascade11/26 15:151978.5336.5PayetteIII
OkayPayetteHorseshoe Bend11/26 15:159822.9735.1PayetteII-III
 PayetteEmmett11/26 15:0012102.48   
 PayetteLetha11/26 14:3012908.96   
 PayettePayette11/26 14:3015204.98   
 EF Pine Creekabv Nabob Cr Near Pinehurst Id11/26 14:15152.2139.9  
 Portneuf RiverTopaz11/26 14:151332.57   
 Portneuf RiverPocatello11/26 14:452234.24   
 Portneuf Rivernr Tyhee Id11/26 14:304074.29   
 Potlatch River Bel Little Potlatch Creeknr Spalding11/26 14:00885.19   
 Priest RiverPriest River11/26 14:156091.35   
LowLittle SalmonRiggins11/26 15:001752.49 SalmonIII-IV
LowMF SalmonMiddle Fork Lodge11/26 14:455761.58 SalmonIII-IV
 MF SalmonMouth11/26 14:45117031.08   
OkaySF SalmonKrassel11/26 14:451501.79 SalmonIII-IV
 SalmonYankee11/26 14:454792.28   
 SalmonSalmon11/26 15:0011802.25   
 SalmonShoup11/26 14:3017602.532.5  
OkaySalmonWhitebird11/26 14:45447012.82 SalmonIII
 Salmon Falls CreekSan Jacinto11/26 14:45535.54   
 Sand CreekWillow Creek11/10 11:3000.31   
OkaySelwayLowell11/26 15:0016604.06 ClearwaterIII
 Silver CreekSportsman Access Nr Picabo Id11/26 14:45916.9237.4  
 Snake RiverKing Hill Id11/26 14:4562006.2751.4  
 Snake Rivernr Menan Id11/26 14:3024602.27   
 Snake Riverblw Mcduff Rapids At China Gardens11/26 14:45136005.2845.5  
 SnakeIrwin11/26 14:309384.41 Columbia 
 SnakeHeise11/26 14:3013601.26 Columbia 
 SnakeLorenzo11/26 14:156442.43 Columbia 
 SnakeIdaho Falls11/26 14:1530805.98 Columbia 
 SnakeShelley11/26 14:1523505.47 Columbia 
 Snakeat Blackfoot11/26 14:1521705.05 Columbia 
 SnakeBelow Blackfoot11/26 14:1521202.86 Columbia 
 Snakeblw Am Falls11/26 14:309633.12 Columbia 
 SnakeMinidoka11/26 14:305552.87 Columbia 
 Snake, Milner Gorgeat Milner11/26 14:30 0.56 ColumbiaV
 SnakeMurphy11/26 14:17702021.37 Columbia 
 SnakeNyssa11/26 14:3079905.79 Columbia 
 SnakeWeiser11/26 14:00100003.29 Columbia 
OkaySnakeHells Canyon Dam11/26 14:30847064.56 ColumbiaIII V
 SnakeAnatone11/26 15:15146003.6544.1Columbia 
 Great Western SpillbackSpillback11/10 10:300-0.44   
 Spring CreekFort Hall11/26 14:152914.57   
 Squaw Creekblw Bruno Creek Nr Clayton Id11/26 14:30233.54   
OkaySt. Joe RiverCalder11/26 14:308836.26  III-IV
LowSt. MariesSanta11/26 14:151114.32  II-III
 Teton RiverSt. Anthony11/26 14:154372.13   
 SF Teton RiverRexburg11/26 14:002555.55   
 Teton RiverDriggs11/26 14:301991.43   
 NF Teton Rivernr Sugar City Id11/26 14:301184.46   
 Thompson Creeknr Clayton Id11/26 14:4533.09   
 Trapper CreekOakley11/26 14:3084.87   
 Weiser RiverWeiser11/26 15:001774.12   
 Weiser RiverCambridge11/26 15:001022.75   
 Willow CreekBelow Floodway Channel11/10 12:3002.65   
 Willow CreekTex Creek11/26 14:45342.41   
 Willow CreekMouth11/10 12:3009.01   
 Willow Creek Floodway Channelnr Ucon Id11/10 11:3000.61   
 Little Wood RiverHigh Five Creek11/26 14:45341.7   
 Little Wood RiverCarey11/26 14:4510.8   

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↑↓Changing between 0.5% and 1.5% per hour
↑↓Changing between 1.5% and 2.5% per hour
↑↓Changing between 2.5% and 3.5% per hour
↑↓Changing between 3.5% and 4.5% per hour
↑↓Changing between 4.5% and 5.5% per hour
↑↓Changing between 5.5% and 6.5% per hour
↑↓Changing between 6.5% and 7.5% per hour
↑↓Changing between 7.5% and 8.5% per hour
↑↓Changing between 8.5% and 9.5% per hour
↑↓Changing between 9.5% and 10.5% per hour
↑↓Changing more than 10.5% per hour

CFS stands for cubic feet per second. This is an estimate of the volume of water flowing past the gauge. 100 CFS is equivalent to 45,000 gallons per minute. A lot of water!

Feet is the height of the water above a reference point at the gauge. There is no uniform standard for the reference point between gauges. A gauge's height should only be thought of in terms of that gauge, no others.

F is the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit.

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